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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is HOS Solutions?

To start, you can call us HOS for short. All our friends do!

We’re a small group of successful entrepreneurs who want to use our skills and resources to create a better way of equipping schools to meet their goals. Our entire way of doing business — from the way we interact with our community to the code we write for our products — is rooted in a core practice: Do the right thing.

Who does HOS help?

Schools, organizations, churches, and teams of all sizes and sorts who want to create a stable support base with less hassle, time, and money invested. No goal is too big or too small. Neither is any group who wants to fundraise.

How much of the collected funds can we expect to pocket?

With our Membership Savings Program, you keep a clean 50%. With The No-Cost Fundraiser, you receive up to 50% of all profits. 

That’s more than most every program out there. We also offer multiple ways to earn at no cost to you, and our programs are recurring perpetual revenue for your organization. With little to no extra effort, you can fundraise year-round. HOS doesn’t ding you for admin fees, and you have access to real-time financial reporting whenever you need it.

Are there any costs or fees associated with setting up a custom fundraiser?

Nope. None. HOS did away with the traditional buy-in. We want you to win and believe that starts with not putting you in the hole financially.

Can another group within our organization kick off a fundraiser, too?

Absolutely! Every team, branch, chapter, you name it. Your Area Fundraising Specialist can guide you on best practices for doing this. If you don’t have an Area Fundraising Specialist yet, you can get started here.

When and how will you pay us?

HOS issues monthly payouts on a minimum agreed-upon balance, with net30 terms. (That means, for instance, March proceeds would electronically transfer to you at the end of April). If your balance is less than the agreed minimum, we’ll carry it over to the next month because of processing costs.