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Fundraising Programs

For fundraising to be effective it needs to accomplish three goals;

  • It must provide a financial return to the fundraising group
  • It must provide a tangible benefit to those who participate in the program
  • It must serve the community in which the fundraising group operates

satisfying these goals might seem like an impossible task, but not with our program.

How do you accomplish these three goals?

We realize that it’s necessary to embrace how technology and social media are changing our world. Our solution tackles this environment head on. Every school, church or organization receives their own unique fundraising portal. They can customize the color and insert their logos and information so that supporters always know who they are supporting.

How much can you benefit from this program?

The most important part of a fundraiser is accomplishing the essential goals set from the beginning. A fundraiser can earn tens of thousands of dollars annually by operating through this program. You can even integrate other fundraising products into the portal so you can earn even more. The sky is the limit and we give you all the tools and support to make it work.

This integrated solution combines two powerful fundraising initiatives into one complete package that will give groups the ability to offer something to anyone within their reach.

Membership $avings Program

Once someone joins this exclusive membership, they instantly have access to savings, discounts and free items;accessible at over 350,000 locations across the country, including local, regional and national retailers.  Our users access these savings 24x7 from a smart phone or online to save over $200 annually.


The No Cost Fundraiser 

The no cost fundraiser is a one-of-a-kind solution. It gives your organization a complete ecommerce store with hundreds of thousands of items available to purchase, and the fundraiser receives 50% of the profit generated on every purchase made.

Prices are compared and are competitive with the larger retailers so your supporters do not pay extra to help your group. Every donation is recorded on their receipt, so if the fundraiser is non-profit, they get a tax receipt—All done completely automatically.

Our team has built a completed sophisticated support system to help these fundraisers get the most from our program. Our "Pathway to Success" and provides a roadmap to managing the portal and shows innovative ways to engage local businesses and help sell their products through the site - we cover it all.

We are not here to promote ourselves,we are here to help promote you!!!


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