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About us HTML 

Welcome to our School Fundraising Portal.  Working with Help Our School we have combined to provide our supporters with a range of products and services that offer every visitor real value while still supporting our important initiatives all at the same time.


We are product that this site is more than just a fundraising site, it is a community gateway starting with our important lnfoLinks placed on the left side as well as local businesses on the right.


The No Cost Fundraiser is a great opportunity for anyone to buy common household and hard to find items from an inventory of hundreds of thousands of products, all at competitive prices that have been compared to all the major retailers to ensure you are receiving a fair price.  The best part of this idea is that 50% of the profit is donated on your behalf to support our program and you even receive a Tax Receipt for your donation.


Have a look at the amazing Membership Savings Program, for only a $20 purchase you can save hundreds of dollars per year on pretty much anything you can think of.  This membership provides savings at over 350,000 locations nationwide and locally.  Simplicity is Job 1 for this program with our custom Smart Phone App combined with our Fundraising Portal you will have access to savings 24x7x365 and can used these discounts as many times as you like.  This is a program where you donate and receive more in return – something we are extremely proud to offer!


We have special discount opportunities and manufacturers who have created special programs for our supporters, these unique programs not only save money for our supporters, but also support our initiatives, so we accomplish two great things in one action. When you purchase a special item or service you will still receive the Tax Receipt as with any other program on our School Portal.


Please have a look at our wish list.  Fiscal challenges limit the goals we can accomplish and the good that we can do and unfortunately our needs are greater than our resources.  We have created a list of the most important needs for us to do more for our students.  Anyone who can support us by granting one of these wishes will be greatly appreciated, and we will also provide a Tax Receipt for the full amount of this gracious gift.


Thanks for taking the time to learn and explore our School Fundraising Portal.  Please take your time and should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.


Have a Great Day.