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Ice Traction Device, f/Boots/Shoes Flexible, XL,1/PR, Black

Ice Traction Device, f/Boots/Shoes Flexible, XL,1/PR, Black
MFG Part #: 16755
Manufacturer: ERGODYNE
Help Our World Price: $ 15.35
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Product Description:  
One-piece ice traction device delivers tenacious grip and stability for shoes and boots in icy or snowy conditions. Attach to your shoes when you're working in construction, roofing, installing, delivery, landscaping, utility, logging and even ice ballet. Design features eight rugged, heat-treated, carbon steel studs so you won't slip. Stretchable rubber frame fits snugly over boots and shoes to convert ordinary footwear into winter treading titans of the icelands. Rubber also allows easy on/off. The Trex 6300 Ice Traction Device is flexible in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 40 degrees Celsius).